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bee one of a kind

Handmade Natural Bath & Body Products


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Growing up in a European/Middle Eastern family, I learnt very quickly, that if you needed something, you either grew it or made it yourself. As a young child, I spent much time with my Italian grandparents, learning the traditional ways of cultivating and harvesting for the seasons ahead. We would spend months preparing foods for the family to enjoy. A particular fond memory I have is watching in awe as my Nonna would strive away at making her own soap. Her multi-purpose recipe was used to clean everything from the laundry, the dishes and we would even bathe in it. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the elbow grease involved and how something so simple, was made with great love and care.

In 2014, after completing my studies in Natural Therapies, I realised instantaneously, that I had finally found my passion. The world of essential oils and herbal remedies blew my mind and I was captivated. I set about replacing my personal skincare products, which were not only toxic, but contained a list of ingredients I could not pronounce. I was determined to create a range of naturally derived skincare, which was simple, non toxic and transparent in the ingredients contained.

The birth of my daughter, Luna, was even more of a driving force and my journey to set an example for something worth fighting for, was embarked.

Introducing Bee one of a kind - a collection of artisan small batch natural bath & body products, locally handmade in Melbourne with love and care. Made using simple yet sophisticated quality ingredients, for everybody, everyday. 

​Bee one of a kind has a strong focus on sustainability and zero waste. Our packaging is predominately made using recycled glass materials  and can be reused and recycled.

In a world that is forever progressing, ever changing, where faster is considered better, where mass production is an understatement, bee one of a kind hopes to offer an opportunity to be at One. To be kind to ourselves and to others. A reminder that passion and heart can be bottled and preserved in every day. That handmade is not an old fashioned term.  Bee one of a kind uses resources on hand and relying on mother nature and respecting all that she creates.

It’s about being down to earth. Remembering our roots; where we came from, where we are headed, the example we wish to lead and the footprint we leave behind.

Bee one with nature.

Bee kind to yourself.

Melissa Mendes

- Creator/ Skincare Formulator